How many new leaders feel or have felt lost when they are new in their management positions? Not only lost when it comes to the day-to-day business activities of management, but how does a new manager start building a positive team culture?

A new leader can start by remembering and implementing the 3 C’s when beginning to build a people-first team culture.

So what are the 3 C’s?

Communication, Collaboration & Confidence


Communication is crucial to a positive start. Tasks any new manager can immediately implement are having one-on-one calls with each team member once a week, team calls once a week or twice a month highlighting performance and sharing best practices, consistent emails keeping the team up to date on pertinent information, responding to any emails or calls by team members within 24 hours (at most), and team-building exercises. These are just a handful of examples of simple ways to make an impression on a team and set a standard that positive two-way communication will be the norm. 

Collaboration:  Collaboration is essential with peers in other departments and also with sales team members from the manager’s team. There are many instances in which a manager can make decisions without input. However, a good best practice for any sales manager is to ask various sales team members for their input when appropriate. For example, creating a sales advisory board of 2-3 selected representatives can provide valuable perspectives and be the “voice” of the sales team as a whole on various topics. Field consensus promotes collaboration and then turns “leadership” initiatives into “our” initiatives, making them more widely accepted and usually more successful. 

Confidence: Making people feel appreciated and supported gives them confidence. When a team has confidence in themselves and their manager, they will act and feel like they can meet and exceed their goals. The mental roadblocks fade away. Therefore, the little things like taking the time to acknowledge all the positive results, best practices, and wins that are happening within the team are crucial. Sending out positive emails, giving praise on conference calls, and various forms of recognition are examples of small gestures that can make a big difference in a team’s culture.  A kind word, action of support, or alleviating an issue for a team member in an efficient manner goes a long way to the start of building that confidence.

Why wait to start building a positive team culture? 

The 3 C’s are easy to remember, implementable key tasks when starting in a sales management position, no matter what a manager’s tenure.

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